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The animation was fine. But it's a mandolin, not a ukulele you fuck.


that wasn't a waltz

good animation, meh song

Bob Dylan was a great lyricist and a great activist. But he helped to destroy folk music. He started the idea that you can play major chords, talk-sing, and blow into a harmonica. However that's just not what it is. Never was never should have been. I play mandolin, git, and slide git, and while I play mostly bluegrass and blues, I know my way around a folk song.

The lyrics were pretty standard for Dylan-esque folk, and the recording quality of the song makes me want to shank small children. What saved the video is the Hanna-Barbera style animation. It synced with the song well enough, but man, I just couldn't get over the music. I'm sure you guys put work in it, but it just sounds generic modern folk.

imjeffhip responds:

I gotta disagree with you on Dylan, but I can see why people wouldn't like him.

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Tom's was clearly the most original:P

But I'm gonna have to say CosmicDeath! With Nekow as a runner up.

This was a really really good collab idea, glad to see the ideas aer getting more creatvie and original!


mandolin represent!

fun enough

And I can't get over the music. I'm like 95% sure this is a remake of an old Donkey Kong Country 2 song, correct me if I'm wrong.

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Cool beans=^]

I liked it a lot. You put a lot of emphasis on the mood changes, but the transition between some of the moods wasn't all that great. Particularly at :35. But what it changed into was pretty mind blowing.

Am I the only one that heard the Twilight Princess riff snuck in there?

10/10, 5/5, added to my playlist

This song is incredible. It really is haunting, the different ominous sounding tracks building upon each other, changing scene like a movie shot in one cut. From :58-1:20, I didn't realize what the building sound was, as if it was an otherworldly creature. Then, bam, it switches to a guitar, as if it's been a guitar the whole time. Then the drums come in, creeping behind you at 1:28, setting a suspenseful beat, guitar distorting along with it. Then the chorus of other sounds to begin to play and break down, to a haunting melody and calm quiet. Then bam, more guitar, like a pack of wolves, howling at the moon.

It's been added to my playlist of notable techno. Great blippin job.

Gian responds:

Wow, that's an awesome way too look at this song. I love to hear how people react to my creations, and you didn't disappoint, great review. Thanks a lot Mr!

A pack of wolves howling, that was great.

strange mix of

Linkin Park (=/), Howard Jones of KSE, and Dream Theater. But it's cool. It works for the song.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Whoa! Thanks dude! Glad you dig. More on the way!

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You make my heart sing....

...for more tiger blood!

i always love...

...USB art. To make something that's cute/creepy/cool but also functional is so awesome to me. I am definitely interested! PM me the Ebay link or whatever you got por favor!!!

hey look!

It's Alex Pardee! Oh wait....
I like this on a lot! The colors blend together nicely, and from the thumbnail of the mouth, I though this was on a wall somewhere near some train tracks. Definitely liked.


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